Tips For Avoiding Motion Sickness On Your Oceanic Cruise

If you are going on an oceanic cruise for the first time this summer and are concerned about motion sickness, then you are right to be concerned. Though today's ocean liners are manufactured with large stabilizers to prevent excessive movement, they will still sway a bit in storms. Thankfully, there are many things you can do to prevent yourself from getting motion sickness and there are some simple things you can do if you happen to get sick, including each of the following tips:

Tip: Book Your Passage on a Lower Deck of the Ship

The first step in avoiding seasickness starts long before you board the ship; it starts when you book your trip through your local travel agency. If you book a room on a higher deck of the ship, then it will sway back-and-forth more than a room on a lower deck will. The same can be said for outside rooms versus those located towards the more stable center of the ship. If you are concerned about motion sickness, then you should book passage on an inner room located on the lowest deck possible. 

Tip: Take Some Motion Sickness Treatment Products Onboard with You

Since motion sickness is such a common problem with travelers, there are a couple very effective options for treating it yourself on an over-the-counter basis. The two most effective ways to treat seasickness are with:

  1. Motion sickness wrist bands
  2. Motion sickness oral medication

Before you board the ocean liner for your trip, first visit your local pharmacy and buy enough motion sickness wrist bands and oral medication for your entire family. If you forget to pack these items, then you will be able to buy them at the ship's gift shop but you can expect that they will be more expensive.

Tip: Don't Eat a Large or Greasy Meal the Day You Set Sail

Until you know how your stomach is going to react to the movement of the ship, you should not eat any large or greasy meals. Eat a simple breakfast the day you said and eat a light dinner that night. If you get up the following day and feel fine, then you are likely good to go to enjoy the ship's gourmet feasts. If your stomach feels a bit off, then stay on a bland diet until you feel better.

Tip: Ask to Visit the Ship's Doctor if Your Symptoms Don't Improve After Self-Treatment

Finally, passenger ocean liners always travel with a licensed physician onboard to treat medical emergencies. If you have been treating yourself for seasickness and nothing has made you feel any better, then ask to see the ship's doctor. This is very important because you may actually have food poisoning or some other ailment requiring medical treatment.

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