South African Fine Dining: Exotic Animals You Can Eat While On Vacation

Going on a vacation in South Africa can expose you to a lot great wildlife and amazing visuals through safaris. Not only can you experience the beautiful nature in South Africa, but you also have the chance to eat and try some of their exotic animals. A number of South African restaurants are host to a menu full of exotic meal choices. These meals are not just beef jerky sold off of a random food truck. The food and meat is prepared similar to meats you're used to like chicken, pork, or beef. You can enjoy them as part of a fine-dining experience while on vacation. See what types of animals you can enjoy and some of the types of meals that they are prepared with. This can add a whole new experience to your vacation.


Crocodiles roam free in South Africa and are a delicacy that is prepared at many different restaurants. The closest you may find yourself getting to one of these animals is if it served on your dinner plate. Crocodiles have a taste and texture that is very similar to chicken. Because they spend a lot of time in the water, there is also a slight fish taste to the meat. Because of the way the meat is cut and shaped, it is typically served in small chunks or nuggets. It may be deep fried or seasoned with a variety of spices. The meat pairs well with traditional peppers and can even be served with a pasta dish. Some South African restaurants may also include crocodile in a large gumbo-style soup filled with beans, other meats, and a variety of pastas.


When you think about it, an ostrich is essentially a large bird that features meat similar to a chicken or a turkey. In the United States, it's pretty easy to come across ostrich jerky, but it is prepared much differently in South Africa. The large bird is often farmed for cooking, and there are many restaurants that will serve up a platter. One of the easiest ways to order an ostrich is in a burger form. The ostrich has a lot less fat than both ground beef and chicken, but is still filled with a lot of different flavors. Not only can you enjoy the ostrich meat, but the giant ostrich egg is often served up for breakfast meals. These eggs can be transformed into a number of traditional meals like omelettes and scrambled eggs.


If you enjoy pork, then you will find very similar tastes in the preparation and cooking of a warthog. These large beasts are farmed throughout the region for cooking at fine dining restaurants. Pork chops are prepared in a number of different ways and you may not even notice the difference when compared to the pig meals that you are used to eating. A warthog meal can be served with a number of side dishes including potatoes, pastas, and all types of vegetables.


If you're looking for a delicious steak made from an exotic animal, then consider visiting a restaurant that offers springbok. The galloping animal is similar to a deer and can be chopped up into a very of steaks. The steak of a springbok is very tender and juicy and are often grilled at restaurants. Very little spices are needed to bring out the full flavor of this animal. This allows you to enjoy the savory and smokey meat flavors. Thin slices of the steak may be served in some type of wrap or as a part of a salad, but it tastes best on its own or with a few sides.

When booking your African vacation, a travel company can help you select restaurants with one or more of these meat offerings. It will offer a whole new experience to enjoy during your time away.